Carmen Ferrigno

Diagnostic Radiology


Address: 701 E 16TH ST, BERWICK, PA, 18603

Phone: 570-759-5000

Gender: Male

Participates in Physician Quality Reporting System? No
Participating in Electronic Prescribing (eRx) Incentive Program? No
Participating in Electronic Health Records ( eHr ) program? No
Accepts Medicare? No

CPT Codes:

A CPT code is a five digit numeric code that is used to describe medical, surgical, radiology, laboratory, anesthesiology, and evaluation/management services of physicians, hospitals, and other health care providers.

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CPT® Code Description
71100 X-ray of ribs of one side of body, 2 views
72125 CT scan of upper spine
73060 X-ray of upper arm, minimum of 2 views
73550 X-ray of thigh, 2 views
73590 X-ray of lower leg, 2 views
76857 Ultrasound of pelvis
77051 Computer analysis of diagnostic mammogram
78227 Imaging of liver and bile duct system with use of drugs
93923 Ultrasound study of arteries of both arms and legs
76645 Ultrasound of breasts
70450 CT scan head or brain
71250 CT scan chest
72072 X-ray of middle spine, 3 views
72110 X-ray of lower and sacral spine, minimum of 4 views
73510 X-ray of ribs of one side of body, minimum of 2 views
93880 Ultrasound scanning of blood flow (outside the brain) on both sides of head and neck
93970 Ultrasound scan of veins of both arms or legs including assessment of compression and functional maneuvers
76705 Ultrasound of abdomen
76830 Ultrasound pelvis through vagina
76775 Ultrasound behind abdominal cavity, limited
77080 Bone density measurement using dedicated X-ray machine
73030 X-ray of shoulder, minimum of 2 views
71010 X-ray of chest, 1 view, front
93971 Ultrasound scan of veins of one arm or leg or limited including assessment of compression and functional maneuvers
71020 X-ray of chest, 2 views, front and side
74022 Imaging of abdomen and chest
73564 X-ray of knee, 4 or more views
73630 X-ray of foot, minimum of 3 views
93925 Ultrasound study of arteries and arterial grafts of both legs
74000 X-ray of abdomen, single view
72170 X-ray of pelvis, 1 or 2 views
73110 X-ray of wrist, minimum of 3 views
73130 X-ray of hand, minimum of 3 views
73610 X-ray of ankle, minimum of 3 views
74176 CT scan of abdomen and pelvis
76856 Ultrasound of pelvis
76770 Ultrasound behind abdominal cavity
76700 Ultrasound of abdomen
77052 Computer analysis of screening mammogram to assist detection of cancer
74178 CT scan of abdomen and pelvis before and after contrast
72050 X-ray of upper spine, 4 or 5 views
74220 X-ray of esophagus
76536 Ultrasound of head and neck

Last Update Date: July 8, 2007


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