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Empower your employees with access to healthcare pricing data, facility ratings and discounts to local area businesses for engagement incentives.

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HSA’s Retirement

Retirees’ biggest worry is affording healthcare. Employees with high deductible health plans can get a head start with a health savings account (HSA) while still working. Our app also aggregates entire financial profiles to identify savings gaps.

  • Triple Tax Exempt HSA funds are never taxed so long as they are spent on qualified healthcare expenses.
  • Use Funds in Retirement Unlike flexible spending arrangements (FSAs), HSA funds can accumulate over time and can be used in retirement.
  • Grow Tax-Deferred Empower employees to track their fee profiles in other retirement savings accounts like IRAs or 401(k)s so they can accumulate more tax-deferred savings.

Employee Incentive Tools

Let your employees suggest which local businesses are invited to post special discount offers.

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  • Employee Discounts

    Companies & their employees choose which local businesses they want to invite to post discounts: gyms, yoga instructors, massage therapy, etc.
  • Customizable Categories

    Non-health & wellness categories can be added to reward employee engagement.
  • Growing Network

    Employers provide us names of businesses and we invite them on your behalf.
  • Coming Soon

    Locate local health and wellness experts who post special offers.
  • HR Benefit Specialists & Brokers

    Compare home health care agencies (over 12,000) with expert assessments from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

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